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"Where Dreams Come HOME!"


Are YOU Ready...

For an


Is it time for a CHANGE?

Everybody is feeling these uncertain financial times right now. We get it!

Every family is wanting to create more great memoriesWe can strongly relate!

And everyone knows about that hamster-wheel job thing. Is there really a way off? 

Well, if you're ready for a change of scenery and a different outcome... We can help!

Just Answer the Q below and let's begin to strategize your exit:

  What is lacking MOST in your life, right now?

A. Financial Security

B. Extra Time 

C. Fulfillment & Contribution

About Us


"Where Dreams Come HOME​!"

We are Dr. Dondee & Marci Nettles and we take our tagline very seriously! For the last 10 years, we have been committed to finding the perfect home-based business model for anyone looking for leverage and peace-of-mind, in uncertain financial times. We love helping people level up their lives, and we literally help thousands and thousands of people all over the world, transition from employee to business owner. We look forward to learning more about your goals and Dreams and helping you find a way HOME, to the model of Freedom you desire! 

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As a former Police Officer, Detective and Sergeant, I never had control of my career advancement, because someone else signed my paycheck. In 2009, a car accident on duty, took everything from me, including my Identity and Purpose. Well, God had other plans for me! Now, I am a Have it ALL Woman, with a Financial and Time Freedom gameplan in place, sharing how others can Have it ALL too! I love my God, my Husband, my Family and my Purpose!

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Dr. Dondee

​As the former owner of the 4th largest Family Wellness Chiropractic Practice in Arizona, and Talk-Radio Host, I was on top of the mountain professionally and at rock bottom personally. Due to the 80-90 hours/week spent outside my home, serving my patients and educating the masses, I NEVER saw my children or my family! This led to a divorce, breakup of my family and major career change. Now, my beautiful wife, Marci and I own a global home-based business that generates $6 million/year in sales, and we do it with our kids and grandkids, from HOME! God is SO good!

Imagine how it would feel to live life on your terms, doing what you LOVE! Now imagine doing it with the people who mean the most to you by your side!

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